As in the waiver (which you electronically agree to when entering online): "the participant acknowledges and agrees that refunds will only be processed, minus an admin fee of $20, up to and including 01 February 2018. After that date, the organiser states that no refunds will be forthcoming, without exception. 

Volunteers – my friend/family would like to help?

Yes please. There will be volunteer roles as course marshals, support at registration or TA’s you are able to see what is required on the weekend here. Please email or call 0403 360 640 to register your interest as a volunteer.



If you are a Multiday Madness entrants, you will get ONE bib to wear all weekend. Look after it!

If you entered individual events but are not part of the Multiday, you will get a different bib for each event entered. So if you have just entered two events (i.e. the half marathon and a 6km) - you will receive two bibs when you first present for registration. 

It will be your responsibility to look after your bibs and not lose them AND to wear the correct bib for the correct race!


YES - there are some for the longer runs. Remembering that this is a trail run, and that takes you to remote places in wild forests with things that scratch, bite and even maim.  (I just wanted to use the word 'maim' - so quaint). 

For the 44km and 21km runs you MUST have on your person, no matter the weather: 

  • 1 x compression bandage

  • Capacity to carry 500mls water. We suggest hydro packs with bladders, but others may prefer water belts or handhelds

  • NOTE: aid stations are between 7-10km apart. Think about that. Later in the run, you've run a half marathon already and there's NOTHING for the next ten kilometres. What do you think you should have in your run bag just in case?

We strongly recommend: 

  • Mobile phone (great for selfies at good spots, some reception closer to Derby, only Telstra)

  • wet weather jacket (if weather predicts rain)

  • medium warmth mid layer or thermal (if weather cold)

  • Thir (headwear)

  • own nutrition (aid stations will have basics)

  • Emergency blanket (reflective lightweight type)

  • small first aid kit (band aids, blister kit)

Anyone who is caught running without mandatory gear will be disqualified from the race and will not have a time recorded. Anyone who podiums will forfeit their place, time and any prizes also. We're not just being draconian a#@holes here – we just want everyone to run safe and get home alive and in the best condition possible!


Yes. And yes. You do have to. If we didn't give a bollocks about you getting bitten and likely dying, well, then we wouldn't worry. BUT, we do care. Because we like you. And, even though it was your decision to run without one, you might sue us for not carrying out our duty of care. We don't like being sued. So we care a lot.

Without wanting to give you the heeby jeebies, there ARE snakes in them thar hills. We know because on recce, we ran over one on our mountain bike (it wasn't happy) and only five minutes prior to that incident, we nearly trod on another. He was more calm about our meeting, thankfully!

It's highly unlikely you'll see one (but you might) and even more unlikely that you'll get bitten. But if you do, we want to know you have the means to save your ass. So there's enough time that we can come and save it too.

A compression bandage (and staying still and calm) are the two best assurances that you will, if bitten, live. Check chart right. Memorise. And carry the damn bandage. Because dying by snake bite is way more annoying than having to carry a bandage.


Yep. We have them. NO, not every few kilometres. Roughly every 7-10km. Check it:

44km RUN: 8km, 17km, 21km, 31km, 41km

21km RUN: 8km, 16km, 18km

21km BLUE TIER RUN: 5km, 10km, 15km

16km RUN: 3km, 11km

6km RUN: 3km, 3.8km (overlap aid station with longer courses)


There is mobile reception in Derby, and on some of the course (mainly the half closest to the township). We encourage all to carry phones on them during the run, as while there is scattered reception. much better if bitten by a snake that you at least have the chance of getting a call out for quick rescue! We do also ask that you turn your phones on and have on person once you finish running, so if we need to contact you we can. 

NOTE: Telstra is the only carrier with reception. Around Derby it is 3G only, and in some parts 3G with external antenna only. There are a few patches on course - especially up the back end, where there is no reception.

NOTE: There is NO PHONE RECEPTION in Weldborough. So for those heading to the Sunday 21km, do all your calls (and social media posting) prior to heading there!

CHECK Telstra coverage maps here.


NOTE: At aid stations, SOS Rehydrate will be pre-mixed in tubs - not in satchels as pictured.

NOTE: At aid stations, SOS Rehydrate will be pre-mixed in tubs - not in satchels as pictured.

  • water

  • SOS Rehydrate. Check it:

  • mixed lollies

  • muesli bar pieces

  • salted chips

  • white bread w/honey or jam

  • basic first aid kit

  • toilet paper


Yes. But you will need to pay cash (only), and you will need to report to registration no later that one (1) hour BEFORE the start of the race you wish to enter.  

All races in Derby, report to the Event Hub (at the trailhead / start/finish) or if bad weather, try Derby Town Hall, where someone will man the registration desk until 30 minutes prior to the event.

The only exception to this is for the Blue Tier  half marathon at Weldborough. For that event, report to registration at the rear of Weldborough Hotel. 



For the longer races, yes, you get a medal. For some of the shorter ones, unfortunately due to the laws of economics and fiscal modelling, and advice we have received from Ross Garnaut, you do not get a medal. But we'll do you a nice certificate! Here's how it works: 

Multiday Madness:

YES. You get to claim a special Multiday Madness medal IF you finish all mandatory events for MM. You must be present at the presentations on Sunday to collect your medal. Please do not collect any medals at the finish of each run - they are only being handed out for those competing in singular events. 



Yes. If NOT one of the multiday entrants, collect your medal at the end of your LONGEST run entered (i.e. if you are running the marathon and the 21km on Sunday, only collect a medal at the finish line of the marathon.  

Half Marathon:



No. Certificates available on the day or downloadable online via the timing  results.


No. Certificates available on the day or downloadable online via the timing  results.


No. Certificates available on the day or downloadable online via the timing  results. Although, as per 16km if we have enough overs, we like to encourage!

Time Trial:

No. Certificates available on the day or downloadable online via the timing  results.




Absolutely! In fact the trails are open for mountain bike riders more often than they are not across the weekend. And we're encouraging partners who may not be runners to come along and get their fix of Australia's best MTB trails while their other half runs, and for trail runners to take the opportunity to enjoy a ride on the trails in between running. We highly recommend getting a shuttle to the top of Atlas! 

The times of closures are listed below, noting that the 'opening' times are approximate based on expected last runners, but if you are out on the trails riding at those times (specifically the tail end of the trails i.e. the north east sections of Blue Derby - Rattler, Howlers, Sawtooth, Berms and Ferns), just be aware of any slower blackmarket runners who may still be plodding on through their final kilometres. Download a pdf of the MTB trails network here.


Blue Derby closed* 8.30am - approx 2.30pm
for MTB during 42/21/6km runs . 

Blue Derby open from 2.30pm - 7pm. 

Blue Derby closed* from 7pm
for MTB during 16km night run.

*NOTE: Return to Sender open all day. 

Blue Tier open all day, no closures. 


Blue Derby open open all day.

Blue Tier closed 9am-12.30pm
for MTB during half marathon and 5km

Blue Tier Open from 12.30pm

What are the rules?

  • Run forwards on the course (although if you run backwards the entire way, we’ll think you are very special)

  • No biting, scratching, punching, kicking, and definitely no tripping, okay?

  • Don’t litter – this one’s serious. We’ll do all of the above to you if we find you doing that. Seriously, if you drop your gel wrapper, pick the damn thing up – the environment is way more important than your time. We’re tree huggers as well as runners. Don’t mess with this rule. We’ll disqualify your ass if caught.

  • Be courteous to fellow trail runners (they’re a nice bunch)

  • If you are under the age of 18, you will need a parent or guardian to sign an indemnity form at registration. If you are younger than 16 we’ll need to see some proof that you are a gun at these distances.

  • Please follow the signs along the course. It will be well signposted along the trail. Don’t take any shortcuts – even on switchbacks (talkin’ to you Kilian Jornet)

  • Keep to the left of the trail to allow faster runners to overtake

  • Wear your number plate at all times on the outermost garment

  • YOU MUST tell an official or volunteer marshal if you are pulling out of the event due to injury or feeling unwell so we can notify the timing company and not have to search for you on the course.

  • If a marshall requests you to do something (okay, within reason – sensible things), please follow their instructions. They are there to help you not hinder, so whatever it is they are asking, there is good reason. Thank them.

  • Smile. You’re doing this for fun, remember.

  • Be nice to yourself. You’re a legend for just getting out there.

  • No whinging if it’s cold and wet. It’s winter. Suck it up.

  • Road runners: whilst this is an ‘easy ‘ trail marathon course, there are short sections of earth that do approach the meaning of ‘incline’…suck it up. They are but pimples on this home we call earth. Beautiful pimples with great views, usually. And please do not judge our trail run like it was a road run - it's a different culture out there on dirt. No KM to go markings, limited hydration stations (i.e. NOT even few kays!) - that's why we have as mandatory a drink bottle or hydration pack as minimum.

When do I receive my number plate?

We will not be posting out number plates and it is your responsibility to attend Registration:

Friday 2pm through 6pm
Saturday  - 6.30am-7.30am (44km/21km) // 6.30am-9.30am (16km/6.5km)
Sunday - 7.30am-8.30am @ Weldborough for 21km and 5km.

Will there be a pre event briefing?

Yes there will be a 15 min briefing to all competitors at the start line for each race. So for the marathon race, be at the start line 30 mins before (at 8am) for a pre race briefing.

Do I have to carry any compulsory items?


A reminder as to why we have one of our mandatory items.

A reminder as to why we have one of our mandatory items.

Will you have first aid available on the course?

Yes there will be first aid available to you. We will have SAFETAS first aid marshals at the start line, and roving the courses.

What happens if I get injured on the course and unable to finish?

  • Please notify an event marshal or volunteer so we can get the relevant first aid to you. If you don’t have a mobile phone and you injure yourself, please tell someone on the course to notify the nearest volunteer/event staff so we can organize first aid to you.

  • We will notify timing and classify your result as DNF – Did Not Finish.

  • Please make sure you notify event staff if you pull out of the race due to injury or feeling unwell so we don’t waste resources in looking for you on the course.

  • The Race Director mobile phone will be on the back of the number plate if you are carrying a mobile phone and need medical attention in an emergency.

  • If you are a runner and you find someone injured on course, ascertain if they need you to stay with them. If they do, wait for the next runner and tell them to keep going on course and notify the first marshall. If they do not need you to stay with them, please run on and notify the first marshall on course.

Are there cut off times?

Sort of. But all within the realms of reasonableness. We'd like to think that for the 44km everyone comes off course in 7 hours or thereabouts. Meaning essentially with a few trots here and there in between power walking, you can make it in time. We'll judge timing accordingly at each checkpoint. There is an Aid Station (#3) at the top of Atlas trail, at the 21km mark. If you aren't there within 3.5 hours we will consider pulling you off course. Marshall decisions are final with no arguments entered in to. 

On all shorter courses, sense and sensibility applies. 21km courses we'll monitor. Shorter that that and really, you can take your time. We do accept walkers willing to keep up a pace (we have nordic walkers on course!)

Can I run with my dog or push a pram?

No. This is not a run through the Launceston Botanical Gardens. that said, we are not in State or National Parks here and dogs are welcome in Derby.

Do I have to cross any rivers or roads?

Yes. Sort of. You will run on the verge of a dirt logging road for some of the way ONLY IN THE 44km event. All other runs are entirely on trail. 

In terms of river crossings there is nothing major but you are likely to get wet feet. There are a few minor babbling creek crossings that you can jump over. There is a small body of water at the rear of the Paris Dam Wall (44km only). The biggest 'river' crossing is found in the Blue Tier Half Marathon on Sunday - there are two. You WILL get wet feet. Deal with it. This is trail running...

I like ‘stuff’ – can I win ‘stuff’?

Maybe. If you run the course backwards. Or can tell us an amazing story about overcoming some depths of human adversity to now be running the trails. Seriously? You want to win ‘stuff’, huh?

Okay, here at race HQ we have decided that while we appreciate ‘winners’ and their dedication to training and hurting and all that, essentially we are hippies who yearn for a time when the Dream Team was not allowed to compete in the Olympics, it being an amateur field of athletic endeavor back then and all. So in the spirit of rewarding the spirit rather than the bank account or gear cupboard we’ll award trophies of sorts to:

Dash for Cash - $100 cash male/female!

PLUS prizes for podium (1st, 2nd, 3rd) of 

Bluey Merino Multiday Madness (plus special medal)
Marathon (plus regular medal)
FIND YOUR FEET Half marathon Derby (plus regular regular medal)
Weldborough Hotel Half Marathon Blue Tier
16km night

The kids 2km, we like to think of it as non competitive, participatory. Hopefully we'll have some spot prizes. And the plan is to give each participant one of the medals. 

Apologies that here cannot be prizes for all categories, ages etc, nor medals for EVERY run. As we grow the event we hope to grow what we can offer.

Can I go to the toilet on course?

Preferably, please use the portaloo toilets provided at the start/finish event hub or try the facilities on the main street (located near the Post Office). 

On course, well... if it is NUMBER ONE - find a discreet place to duck off trail. PLEASE make sure you leave your hydro backpack, or a water bottle or an item of clothing at the side of the trail indicating where you have left the trail. This is for the sake of safety. Should you disappear into the bush to do your thing and not return (heart attack, snake bite, getting lost), we will at least have an indicator for where the sweep should start to look for you. 

If a NUMBER TWO - well, in an absolute emergency, please try to hold until you get to an aid station where you will find advice (one where to go, we assume you know how) and loo paper. If carry your own loo paper. Then, again find a discreet place well off the trail and adhere to Leave No Trace Principles" 

  • Toilet at least 200m away from any water source & least 50m from any trail, hut or campsite.

  • matter should be buried approximately 20cm (6‐8") in the ground.

Is there any reason the event might be cancelled?

  • The event will take place on 22, 23, 24 February 2019 in all weather conditions UNLESS it is considered unsafe in extreme weather conditions. The event organiser will notify all participants if the event is considered unsafe and endeavour to reschedule the event to another date – at this stage that being the weekend after. All participants entry will be credited towards the new date of the event. Unfortunately full refunds can not be made in the event of a cancellation / rescheduling.

  • In the unlikely situation of the event having to be cancelled outright, the event organiser will endeavor to refund a percentage of your entry fee after all the event costs have been accounted for.

  • The event organiser has the right to change any of the course or time schedule due to weather conditions.

  • Any changes to the schedule or format of the event will be updated on the event website, Facebook and emailed to registered participants.

Does God exist?

We have no idea, but if he/she/it does, we reckon he/she/it will be found running trails somewhere. Maybe on Tassie Trails.

Should I train?

Preferably. It has been scientifically proven to assist in the completion of a marathon or half marathon. Having said that, there was this one time that we didn’t train at all…oh, actually, no that really, really hurt. Train fool.