Trail events don't happen without partners. You may know them as 'sponsors'. But we prefer partners - they're not just flipping a few prizes our way and crossing their fingers. nope, they get their feet dirty with us, because they love the single track life as much as we do. 

They are due our thanks and we reckon, if you happen to be in the market for what they offer, show some roundabouts and check them out. After all, we only partner up with the best...


Launceston COMMUNITY

They are our hosts. We are on their patch. And we thank them for their hospitality and allowing us to play in their stunning back yard. Be courteous to them, thank them for having us and treat their home as if it were yours. That way, we'll be allowed to come back!


Hobart-based trail running speciality store Find Your Feet is owned by some of the best in the trail running business. Hanny Alston is a Aussie champion orienteer and trail runner with elite wins to her credit. She's partnered by long time outdoor industry expert Graham Hammond. Both are usually found on the trail (Hanny takes trail run tour, seminars, coaches and offer all manner advice), but sometimes they can be dragged back to the store where they can guide you through a range of shoes and assorted trail kit from hydro packs to foul weather gear (hey, we're in Tasmania, remember?!). In Hobart, check by and say hello to Hanny and Graham via  

tailored trails.


Tailored Trails cater to active travellers and lovers of artisan produce. They offer mountain biking and hiking transfers, as well as private taste tours throughout Tasmania.

Their passion is combining these loves to create bespoke holidays that showcase the world class trails, rugged scenery and fresh local fare. They look after the planning and logistics of your holiday, creating a truly unique experience on and off the trails.


The KOOEE! journey began on trail. The search for the perfect natural, high-protein snack started with its owners' deep-rooted Aussie love for the outdoors. From swinging kettle-bells to running ultra-marathons, they needed a healthier snack to fuel active lifestyles. Frustrated that most high-protein snacks were highly processed and full of sugar, they decided to create their own, using only the highest quality ingredients. The result? A delicious range of all-natural beef jerky made using the world’s finest 100% grass-fed beef from Tasmania, Australia (also a global benchmark for clean air and rainwater). Check it out at


VFuel Endurance Energy Gels and Drink are not just a convenient, premium energy source. VFuel ingredients are specially formulated to maximise the benefits of each training session or race by reducing the onset of muscle fatigue, minimising systemic damage and substantially accelerating recovery time. Regular use of VFuel will maximise your endurance and help you to bounce back faster after just about any kind of workout.


Adventure Types is RD Chris Ord's 'day job', a consultancy that specialises in developing adventure tourism, working with governments, tourism organisations, events and brands to grow what we call 'outdoor-active' tourism. From designing and curating adventure events (including trail runs!), to developing product development strategies, auditing landscapes and trails, researching travel markets and developing rich media content in the adventure sphere, Adventure Types is all about connecting with, well, adventure types.


Your host, event curator, trail run tour operator, dudes who are just trying to make a living by running trails...despite being average runners at best...we just love running wild. You get the gist...check out our tours and other events at 


Your host, event curator, trail run coaches and all round Tassie trail fanatics 

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